Colour Mixing

Colour Mixing

Colour Mixing is a game in which you must mix colors to form the target color

Colour Mixing is an enjoyable game in which you must mix colors to form the target color indicated on each level. The game is comprised of 20 levels, in which you need to form different colors by mixing the ones given. However, there are two different techniques that will appear intercalated as you play the game. In one of them you will need to use lights to generate a color (additive color mixing) while in the other one, you mix paints (subtractive color mixing). As you progress in the game, the colors will require more mixing, thus making the game more challenging. For every level, you will have a timer, so the faster you create the target color, the more score you will get. If you create a wrong color, some points will be deducted from your total score.

When the game is over, you will be able to publish your score on multiple social sites or you can send it by email. The game has simple but nice graphics, simple sounds and suitable music. The sound and music can be controlled from the Options menu and the game can also be played in a full-screen mode.

In short, if you are looking for an enjoyable game, Colour Mixing can be a good choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable
  • Many levels
  • Free
  • You can share your score on multiple social sites


  • Simple graphics
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